June 21, 2010

Marketing Persistence

Marketing strategy is indeed the greatest challenge in small business. When you are just selling in your hometown or even online, you need to have a very effective marketing strategy.

In a larger scale, Global Businesses must also implement good marketing strategy. Even in global business, there is no such thing as magic. Just as what small business owners are doing, global business entrepreneurs have also their share of challenges.
Small business doesn't need to spend more in marketing, global business requires big amount of money for marketing. But both type of business require effort. The marketing strategy in both small and global business is still a risk.

A global business must persist in terms of marketing. Just because they spend big money for their marketing doesn't mean they don't need to exert more effort. A business, no matter how small or how big, should project a prospect, develop a sales lead and establish a strong reputation. That is why they should persist on their marketing strategy and ensure that the money spent on each strategy is not taken for granted. The basic principle of internet marketing is persistence and consistency, and this is what global business owners must work out.

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