June 18, 2010

Enhancing Global Business Sustainability by Going Green

In order to stay in the competition, a business needs cash. Cash is King, cash is the blood of the business. That is why businesses are always looking for alternatives in order to survive in the competition without the need of so much cash. However risky it is, small and big businesses are still putting their bet for their business, may it be in the form of time, effort and cash.

Businesses are not only threatened by the financial risk, other factors such as environmental risk is also alarming for businesses. Because of some business activities, companies influence the climate and deplete the earth resources.

Sustainability is the key factor in order for the business to survive. Companies must ensure that their suppliers have signed a sustainability code. It is important that supply chain should become sustainable also because they play a vital role in businesses. To manage the environmental risk, businesses must find ways to “go green”.

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