June 23, 2010

Human Resource Mobilization

To expand a business in a worldwide scale, you need to have qualified people to man your business from every corner of the world. You must be careful in selecting people who are capable of handling your business.

The human resource is the primary department that you should be careful of. Select the people who are loyal, dependable and trustworthy to manage your business. They should be able to stand, decide and work on their own without the need of your presence orienting them of what to do and what not to do.

It is also important that the people that you are going to select to work for your business understand the vision of your company. They should be willing to be a part of realizing that vision.

All key staffs should have been trained well and capable of doing their responsibilities. A global business is a big business, and you can’t afford to stuff up with your staffs because of incompetence and lack of knowledge about what they are doing.

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