June 16, 2010

Survival Tip # 4 for Global Crisis: Negotiate with your Bank

Bank plays a vital role in global business. It is difficult to manage your finances if you will just do it with your accounting staff. The intervention of the bank should always be considered because this is where you can put your money safely.

However, we all know that banks like to charge for their services. Of course, they cannot do your finances voluntarily. They should always charge your for their service because that is what they aim for. Before closing a deal with a bank, try talking to them and arrange a better deal. In short you must negotiate with them.

Review the account keeping costs that your bank is charging you. If they are charging too high in compared to any other banks, then time for you to decide to move on on banks which offer the same service at lower cost. Consider the interest rate being charged on the loans and review it, you must determine if they are charging you just fine, or it is just too excessive for you.

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