April 16, 2009

Being GREEN is our Global Concern!

Entrepreneurs must not only care for their money, their business, cash flows and name it. Entrepreneurs has a global concern to listen to today. This global concern is for us to be fully aware of being a "Green" conscious entrepreneur.

Being "Green" is simply being environmentally conscious and friendly on your every decision. Green is always associated as the natural color of nature and this is exactly what it means. At times like this, we should care enough to our most gracious provider -- the nature.

According to Amanda's reply to one of the commenters in Energy Star Helps You Save Money and Go Green:

to be “green” is to be environmentally conscious of your decisions. Conserving energy use, recycling waste, buying recycled products, etc.

You may also check out the link of the article above to learn how the Energy Star label plays the role of being "Green".

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