April 2, 2009

Facebook open your doors to the global market

In search for some refreshing news regarding global business, I am surprised to have found this post in Flying Solo forum.

Hi guys

I have received some amazing feedback and making connections with people all over the world with facebook.

It is certainly inspiring when people are sharing in such positive ways.
When you have a chance make sure you set up your profile and start connecting with people who are in your target market.
(the messag below is wat I share on facebook).

Sheree Montgomerie

Amazing, right? Social media sites such as Facebook have gone this far. So to help everyone of us here on how we can use Facebook to our business, you might want to check out these podcasts below:

  1. Using Facebook For Small Business: The Ins And Outs
  2. Back By Popular Demand: Facebook For Business
  3. Facebook: Online Business Marketing, Advanced Tactics

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