October 3, 2008

Global Voices: How the U.S. Is Seen Now

Just a few days ago when U.S. financial crisis is known to the whole world. Well, BusinessWeek have gathered global voices, on how the United States is seen now. We really can't just leave this issue alone to U.S. because whether we like it or not, this crisis can affect us globally in business and in global economy.

According to Jack Ewing, from Venezuela to Japan, government officials and people on the street share their thoughts with BusinessWeek about the U.S. financial crisis.

As the world absorbed the magnitude of the U.S. financial crisis, BusinessWeek reporters around the world fanned out to gauge opinion. The big surprise: From Middle East financiers to Paris taxi drivers, people abroad draw a distinction between the excesses of Wall Street and the entrepreneurial spirit of the rest of the country. America retains its reputation as a (slightly tarnished) beacon of free enterprise.

Check out the excerpts from what people told Business Week regarding this U.S. financial crisis.

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