September 30, 2008

A Cheat Sheet for the Working World?

Odette Murat shares her insights and experiences over years of work to guide us through the Working World. Below I quoted from the article at Wall Street Journal personally written by her.

The working world can be a very unpredictable place. It differs from our time as youths, when we pretty much knew what to expect according to our behavior. The truth is: day-to-day life on the job turns into a challenging proposition every now and then. Cheat Sheet for the Working World by Odette Murat allows us to somehow foresee and influence events in order to control outcomes affecting our lives.

Cheat Sheet for the Working World uses a global perspective to alert readers, especially those in their initial stages of work, and provokes thoughts and reactions from the more seasoned members of the workforce. It analyses the job of an Operations Manager in both national and multi-cultural settings, outlining goals and responsibilities, potential problems encountered and possible solutions. This book takes an inside look into potential experiences, and it gives readers advanced knowledge for faster decision making and a more effective course of action throughout their careers.

Read more on A Cheat Sheet for the Working World at Wall Street Journal.

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