October 7, 2008

E-Commerce for Latin Small Business

Part of global entrepreneurship is to update ourselves of what is happening globally. Well, today we have Latin Business Chronicles to bring us with the latest news in Latin America. Let's try to check out how are they right now.

The real impediments for growth in Latin American e-commerce are logistics and payment facilities that reach secondary cities.

Small businesses in Latin America face a huge handicap—no access to global markets. And frankly, small businesses even have minimal access to markets in their own country. E-commerce is opening new doors to overcome that handicap. But the challenge is to find practical ways to apply it to the needs of small entrepreneurs.

In North America, e-commerce is an indispensable element for business, enhancing price competitiveness for consumer goods and opening exciting channels for B2B (business-to-business) opportunities. Shopping online has become routine for the North American consumer. In contrast, e-commerce, with few exceptions, plays a rather unimpressive role in Latin America. This is especially true for the region’s small and medium enterprises.

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