August 20, 2010

The US National Business Initiative and Small Business

The business sector is slowly gaining enough ground to recover from the economic downturn. With ingenuity, perseverance and competitiveness, small businesses now have the means to emerge victorious in international markets. The National Business Initiative aims to provide financial, counseling, and training assistance to those business owners who feel ready to take on the challenges of the global market. With the convergence of efforts from both International Trade Administration and the Small Business Administration, various issues facing globalization can be better addressed.

The global market may seem to complex especially since the whole world has not yet recovered from the financial slump but small businesses should be able to navigate these complexities. Companies, whether big or small, have a similar goal and that is to increase their market reach. This goal could only be achieved through globalization and with the National Business Initiative, this could materialize sooner than we expected.

Small businesses who might want to reach the international market can count on support from the federal government who sees entrepreneurs as partners in the global community. Apart from generating more sales for small businesses; this endeavor would enable the world to benefit from exports which would also be effective in generating more jobs in the country. Most small and mid-sized businesses should then be careful in planning out their strategy for the next generation of global business because it is the next step in expanding your business.

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