August 23, 2010

Opportunity to go Global is Still Available Despite Tough Economy

According to reports, Blackstone Group which is a private equity company is now making plans to invest on real estate in China. This is good considering that we are still in a questionable state when it comes to economy. This just goes on to show that amidst the floundering economy, investors can still afford to back businesses in the international market. The investment project where Blackstone Group and the Hong Kong developer, Great Eagle Holdings would mean an increase in business opportunities for smaller businesses because the real estate project would not only build residential homes but hotel rooms in the coastal city of Dalian as well.

It could be noted that investors can still be relied upon during these dismal economic times even though banks find it unfeasible to lend money to small businesses. In the quest for globalization, small business owners should therefore not despair. Private equity companies would be able to sustain the need for globalization of your business. The issue is if your business model is impressive enough that investors would be encouraged to back you up.

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