January 8, 2010

Pros and Cons of Social Media in Global Business

Communication in Global Business is very essential. That is why global businesses are struggling to use the social media as an avenue to communicate with their prospects worldwide.

Social Media Networking has been a great help for global business who are operating from two parts of the world. Through Facebook or Skype, you can easily converse with your team even though you are world apart.

On the other hand, this easy access to conversation may be abused by your staffs. Your staffs can easily talk behind your back, they may plan something against you or will talk something bad about you. Social Media can be their outlet to express their negativities regarding your business. Social Media is also prone to cultural conflicts. For instance, a person from an Asian culture contacts another person from a western culture to tell of his conflict with another person from the western culture. In many Asian cultures, conflict is seldom resolved face to face; rather they prefer to solve problems by calling in a mediator. On the other hand, most westerners tend to resolve conflict face to face and would consider it an insult if the other person told others about the problem. So what is a westerner to do if he is caught in the middle of a conflict between an Asian and a westerner and he understands their respective preferences in rectifying hard situations?

To sum it up, Social media has pros and cons in global business. It is indeed good to know that you can easily build conference with somebody that is in the other part of the word. However, bad conversation can also transpire and may create chaos to your business.

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