December 3, 2009

Marketing Plan for Global Market

It is imperative for a global business to have a marketing plan. If you wish to survive in the global market, you must prepare your business for global growth. Having a marketing plan will help you determine how well your business will perform in the global market. You can determine the strength and the weakness as well as the opportunity and the threat.

If your business is not globally prepared, you won’t even survive the first two years of operation. Business can operate well if there is a plan, it will help you understand the necessary resources and the allocation of time. Those who are operating the business can understand what they need to do.

Creating an international marketing plan may take time. Sometimes it took a year to finalize the plan. That is how crucial it is. The marketing plan should also evolve each year to respond to the current marketing development.

To create an international marketing plan, you have to consider the language and socio-cultural factors, the climate and environment, the availability of resources, the low labor and production costs, the foreign exchange considerations and the government and trade import/export taxes, controls and regulations.

An international marketing plan that is based on the items as describe above will surely lead your business to success. You must understand what you are doing first and what you are about to do before going global. In the long run, you will find out how this can help you especially in making decisions.

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