November 23, 2009

Qualification of a Global Business

If you are planning to bring your business in global market, you need to ensure that your business is ready for the big change. It is not an easy decision to go global, you must check first if your business is qualified or not. Going global without getting your business ready may bring trouble into your business. Doing great in local market doesn’t mean you are ready to go global. You must always consider the fact that global market is a complete new environment than local market.

The big question now is: “what are the indications that your business is ready to go global?”

Your business is globally prepared if you have enhanced your products and services in such a way that everybody could relate into it. You cannot penetrate in the global market if your market cannot relate into it. Being in demand in the local market doesn’t mean that you will also in demand in the global arena. Do some research and check if your business is capable of doing business in the global arena.

Another way to determine if your business is capable of doing business globally is if it can answer the call for global competition. Evaluate your business, how you go along with the competition in the local market?

Going global is a big leap and it requires big decision. The decision should come from further evaluation and study. One single mistake in the global market can bring big damage to your business’ reputation. This is something that you should prepare for.

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