February 9, 2009

Ready. Set. Go Online And Be Found Now!

One easiest way to get global right now is getting online. But getting online isn't enough. You and your business should be visible and easily found in the internet searches. There are two ways to that. There are two main ways to help your site be highly visible on search engines, and you may want to use both:

1. Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.): Steps taken to get your site to rank highly in search results without paying search engine companies directly for placement. This is also called "organic search" because the results appear to come naturally or organically. SEO is done by carefully choosing the words, content, and design of your Web page to meet the needs of search engines.

2. Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.): Paying for a listing of your website (or particular pages of your website) to appear at the time a user gets search engine results, typically at the top and side of other, nonpaid results. This is also referred to as "search engine advertising," "paid search," "sponsored listings," and more. SEM is done by carefully choosing which search words to be associated with — then there is a process of bidding to have your website ad placed near those words.

Even if you intend to hire others to do SEO or SEM for you (which may be likely), it helps to have at least a basic knowledge of search engine operations as you choose what to put on your website and where. And that is basic! Good luck!

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Frank said...

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