February 13, 2009

Building Global Bonds With Your Customers

Laurel Delaney emphasized in her post --Building Global Bonds One Customer at a Time that our customers are our business! It is very important to build that relationship especially with keeping your customers loyal to you. Meeting with them once in a while is a good idea, but how about if you are doing business globally and your customers are miles and miles away from you. Well, Laurel's post which I cited above in the first statement really helps.

The relationship between you and your overseas customer shouldn’t end when a sale is made.

If anything, it requires more attention.

Once you’ve completed the initial export transaction, you must expect to provide a broad spectrum of “complimentary” services in order to encourage repeat business. In this article we’ll talk about the kind of follow-up “care and feeding” of customers that will keep them coming back.

Well, what are those tips? You have to read it here guys -- Building Global Bonds One Customer at a Time.

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