July 30, 2009

Exporting In The Nearest Future

Everyone in the U.S. is going to start thinking about exports soon, with the value of the dollar now sliding again, erasing all its recent gains. A global small business is in a good position to profit from economic trends.

Fortuitiously, the Commerce Department's International Trade Administration, in conjunction with the Kauffman Foundation, has just launched entrepreneurship.gov, intended to be a clearinghouse of information for aspiring global entrepreneurs.

Commerce Assistant Secretary for Market Access and Compliance David Bohigian, the brains behind the website, told me that he wants it be the starting point for entrepreneurs to find the resources that Commerce offers. If you need a business plan for reaching out to markets in China, Chile, or many other places, that's something with which they can help, for example.

The above is definitely a very good news and I am glad that despite the global crisis that we are thriving to survive right now, there are still people thinking and doing a lot of initiatives for the common good. Well, this news is from the USNews site and you can check out more details about this.

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