November 12, 2008

I Still Go For Free Market

Scott Shane posted about Managed versus Market Capitalism and I must admit I resent to one of his views about it.

First, he mentioned in his post -
I just got back from a week of lecturing in Singapore, where there is no financial crisis, no recession, and no extra economic pressure on entrepreneurs.
My goodness sake, is this really true? Well,I honestly don't think it is. Second is about a favor towards managed capitalism like what Singapore is doing over free market.

I don’t prefer with a managed capitalism. Nothing really beats than a free market. My goodness sake, it’s good that there will be regulations on the market but being a controlled freak in the government, I don’t think is good.

What do you think guys? Are you resenting on my thoughts? Of course, you are free to do so and you are always welcome to share it here in the comments section.

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