September 10, 2010

Getting Over Culture Shock in Business

Globalization is really hitting it big. Some may argue that it's going to take a toll on the job and economic rate of the country but many businesses who are looking to grow their business see globalization as the next step.

If you are thinking about expanding your business to other countries in an effort to globalize your products and services, you have to be prepared in all aspects. First of all, it can be physically and mentally draining because you need to come up with ways to ensure that your business would thrive and succeed. Second of all, you have to check on the culture of the country you are exporting to.

Culture shock can also happen to businesses and not just to individuals. The processes that goes well in one country may not apply to others. Here are some tips on how to culture chock-proof your business:
  1. Research goes a long way. Check on the latest trends in your niche to see if it is similar to that of your country. If it is, well and good. If it's not and you see an opportunity that it could be a trend but no one has yet dared to venture into it, then go ahead and take that risk but be sure to have a backup plan. There are also some other factors you need to research on, like business etiquette, protocol and customs. You have to be sure that once you export to another country, you wouldn't be surprised by their laws and how they conduct your business. It's all about respecting and marriage of culture.
  2. Open your mind to change. You may need to tweak business processes in alignment of the processes in the country you'll be exporting your business to.
  3. Set realistic goals. Even if you change some processes, your goal should still be intact and it would be the driving force behind your business.
  4. Interact with the local populace. Ask questions about how they do things in their country and have a genuine interest.
The reason for getting over culture shock in business is not only for you to generate income but also to avoid misunderstanding. Globalization is beneficial but it could be jeopardized really quick by small things such as culture shock.

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