August 13, 2010

Globalization Controversy

In a small business operation, it is considered to be a big deal when you plan to enter the international market. While the advantages of going global cannot be ignored, some parties involved in the business would not have the same benefits as others. There are laundry lists of risks as well as unmitigated advantages in viewing globalization and therein lies the controversy.

Some people have the idea that globalization would only be increasing the inequality between developed and developing countries. Some are convinced however that it is vital to promote worldwide economic development. While both arguments have their own points, it is essential to take a step back and study why there are different results in different countries. Most small businesses from developing countries have a better grip on international markets but developing countries on the other hand find it difficult to thrive on the international scene.

There are many issues need to be addressed by both developing and developed countries. There should be a balance of regulations in order to have a sustainable growth in business. Globalizing a small business is no easy feat and the only way for a company to be able to thrive in the international scene successfully is to be able to view the world as a single market.

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