July 22, 2010

Beyond Locality

Ok, you have a job or small business perhaps, working 8 hours a day, working hard to earn income, but still end up struggling financially.

If you think that’s enough, that could be wrong. That concept is the reason why people are still struggling financially. Just because you are in your local area, free of doing small business and spend 8 hours a day in job doesn’t mean you are financially free and abundant.

Everybody must be encouraged to tap the global market. There is still world aside from your local region. We are not on modern era, it’s 2010, stop being adamant to stay in your 8 hours job per day, you must start looking beyond locality and start finding ways to earn more.

You just can’t afford staying our lifetime and do local jobs and business. If you have a chance, you must try global business. The game has changed and working hard doesn’t guarantee financial freedom. if you can’t make it immediately, then start doing it as a sideline, and eventually, you can dominate the global market.

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