June 30, 2010

Tips for Traveller Entrepreneurs

If your business is in global market, you can’t avoid the travel. Your presence might be needed in another country where your business operates. And thus, you must prepare yourself to travel most often.

If you are on travel, do not just focus on business. Take a look around you and learn something about the country where your business is established. You may find some time to check on their local customs and be sensitive with their culture to avoid faux pas.

You must also sensitive with what you are wearing. Always choose to wear formal dress and you should show conservatism.

Take time to greet and converse with people. Do not be on rush and show your interest towards the people. Your purpose why you are there should not be completely focused on business, but also to get to know the people in the locality.

And lastly, be patient. You can’t get anything from being impatient and irritated. You should always be polite and should show respect in everything.

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