February 25, 2010

Global Business Strategy Number 3: Products Customization

In a global market, you are targeting different kind of customers from different part of the world. To effectively target the variety of customers, you have to customize your products in such a way that it will satisfy the needs and tastes of customers in the locality.

The packaging and product features should be based on the preferences of the culture and should be in accordance to the buying patterns of local consumers. The more you will customize your products based on the local global consumers, the more you can maximize your sales in each region where you sell your products.

If producing products and sourcing local raw materials is more cost effective than producing and distributing from one location, you can use customization strategy. This is the best and most effective way to reach out to the needs of your customers. Local buyers prefer to buy products where they can relate, so you should customize your products from packaging to the product content.

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