January 13, 2010

Scam # 1 To Avoid in International Business: Buyer Pretender

Global Business is done overseas. This kind of business is prone to cheating. There's the global market, the local government, the foreign government or even the foreign companies.

The first cheat that global business must avoid is those who are pretending to be a buyer. The situation goes this way: A foreign firm will approach a supplier and starts asking for proposal. Once a business establish a deal, thy will do every possible steps to take hold of the “fake-buyer”. Only to find out that this buyer is actually a competitor who would just like to know the secret of your company. Somebody who is interested to know your intellectual property, sales methodology, pricing, etc.

You must protect your business against people who are stealing your idea. Your business is in broad scale, and it is being accessed by everybody around the world. So you must select whom to trust and must investigate first if you have a genuine customer or not.

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