January 24, 2010

Nurturing Global networks

To strengthen the global connection, an entrepreneur must learn proper etiquette in an international level. A global market will bring people with different races and cultures together. To sustain the global network, you must have the ability to appreciate and respect cultural differences. Through this, you can be able to understand the acts and ways of other culture while conducting business with them.

Every country has its own traditions. This is the first thing that you need to understand. You must be aware that we all have different rules, cultures and traditions. You must exert an effort to study and understand the differences. These may include the differences in norms, values, behaviors, food, architecture, fashion and art.

Project a proper etiquette in dealing with your international networks. You must be professional with your etiquette and behavior. Always consider the social aspect of your transaction. Know the proper way of greeting your colleagues and the proper way of introducing yourself to them. Your rapport with them relies on the way you introduced yourself to them.

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