October 30, 2009

Global Business Bloopers Part 2

Okay, so here's the second installment of the first blooper part the other day.

6) Sharwoods

A UK food manufacturer which spent £6 million on a campaign to launch its new 'Bundh' sauces. It received calls from numerous Punjabi speakers telling them that "bundh" sounded just like the Punjabi word for "arse".

7) Honda

In year 2001, Honda introduced their new car called "Fitta" into Nordic countries. If they had taken the time to undertake some cross cultural marketing research they may have discovered that "fitta" was an old word used in vulgar language to refer to a woman's genitals in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. In the end they renamed it "Honda Jazz".

8) American Motors

Their new car called “ Matador” has been introduced in the market. The name signifies courage and strength. However, in Puerto Rico the name means "killer" and was not popular on the hazardous roads in the country.

9) Proctor & Gamble

Their television commercial which is very popular in Europe was shown also in Japan. The ad showed a woman bathing, her husband entering the bathroom and touching her. The Japanese considered this ad an invasion of privacy, inappropriate behaviour, and in very poor taste.

10) Helmsley Palace Hotel

They have promoted their hotel in New York as comparable to the Taj Mahal--a mausoleum in India. They should have researched first about Taj Mahal before comparing their hotel to it.

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