October 21, 2009

Global Business and Information Technology (Part 4)

The productivity of the global business depends on the information technology employed. Technology plays a vital role in the operation of global business. This is where the relationships and the interactions rely.

As technology develops from time to time, the companies should employ strategic technology investments and should setup a technology that best fits their business. So that the technology investment will be of good value, the global companies should foresight and determine how their organization will use the technology. It is not necessarily that global business should always subscribe on new technologies to stay on the bandwagon, if it is not needed for the operation, better not to invest on it.

Technology is only responsible with the information and is not necessarily expensive. There is a cliché which says “If organizations only had greater quantities of cheaper, faster, and more useful information, they could increase their profitability and enhance their competitive positions in the global marketplace”. That is absolutely true. Global businesses should provide their employees better information tool at low cost as this will improve the performance of the operation.

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