October 19, 2009

Global Business and Environmental Factors (Part 2)

“This project will succeed or fail based on how well we handle the communications. Internal and external to the project.“

Environment plays a vital role for Global Businesses. A global entrepreneur must aware of the latest trend in the environment. It is important to know that there is always what we called “new business environment”. The major portion of global market is the Generation X consumers. The new business environment should be approached in a different way.

The business environment today is different from the business environment 10 years ago, the business environment of the future will be something quite different from the business environment today. With the advent of internet technology, there’s a sudden switch in the global business environment. The suppliers, consumers and the manufacturers become more closely linked.

As the environment changes, customer is also changing. Marketing to the new generation of consumers requires different approach. The global market is becoming wiser with their choice of products. Top selling product is not necessarily the best choice for them. They are more into the business and technology. The new marketing environment is one of the challenges for global entrepreneurs. They should understand and device a way to work with the current trends and generation because you are running a business in a new environment.

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