September 25, 2009

Top 10 Best Countries for Global Business

It still remains a mystery for some on how do some countries able to attain a long term economic growth. In global market wherein all countries are vying for the gold, it is tough to remain steadfast and stand out. The big question is that how some nations maintain their standard of living while others don’t? Some factors such as the geography, physical capital, technology, and worker education have been considered.

In an annual economic race conducted by World Economic Forum (WEF), the Global Competitiveness Report tallies 113 factors to determine the countries competitiveness when it comes to Global Market. This will determine the top 10 best countries when it comes to Global Business showing the efficiency to attract investments from abroad.

Here is the list of top 10 Best Countries for Global Business:

1. United States
2. Switzerland
3. Denmark
4. Sweden
5. Germany
6. Finland
7. Singapore
8. Japan
9. United Kingdom
10. Netherlands

Although this data may become useful for us to measure the country’s global standing, we must keep in mind that we could be blinded with these ranking to the economic realities in the globalized world. It is still the ability of the countries to raise their citizens’ standard of living that matters.

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