September 15, 2009

The Importance of Global Team Building in your Global Business

A global business must be handled by globally competitive team. They should be responsible in running and fueling the business in the global area. What makes a good global team? What should be the process to successful team building?

Most organization has a standard concept for team building. They will do holiday party, island tripping, spring for an annual off-site, etc. That may apply if the team is working under the same roof. What about in a global workplace? How to facilitate this with the global team?

Oftentimes, the lack of team building and light conversation may result to misunderstanding and resentments. It will fall into an us-against-them mentality. This is one of the challenges faced by running a global business. Lack of communication, this is one of the major complaint in global team environment. Although technology is there to facilitate with the communication process, but it cannot substitute the real communication process. The worst is that there is no definite solution for building an effective global team.

There are a lot of considerations; one of this is the cultural differences. If global team composes of different people from different countries then it must be expected that there are ego clashes and power struggles. It must be in the creativity and resourcefulness of the global businessman to find and devise ways on how to react on these serious challenges. The real key to creating a unified and active global team relies on the effort of the one who is managing the business. There should be a real huge effort to counteract on the ever going challenges of creating global team.

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