July 27, 2009

How You Manage Your Online Reputation?

For an aspiring global small business owner like me, reputation is very important. As of today, online reputation counts the most.

See for example my search term on Google, I searched for "globalpreneur" and here's the returned result. Fortunately, top 1 and 2 in the SERP is my blog. I'm happy about it especially learning I made it on top of SERPs and no awful result pages about my blog.

But what if, a soul - less blogger out there blogged negatively about me? How do you think I should cope up with it?

Well, I'm glad that I found this post from bizsugar - Managing Your Online Reputation is Critical in this Day and Age. Perfect for my quest on strategies and tips on how to manage online reputation. I highly recommend you check it out as well.

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