March 4, 2009

Classic Business Books Never Stale

I am currently following Laurel Delaney as she is one of the highly recognized global business expert. Just today I have read her post at American Express Forum --For Advice That’s Never Stale, Pick Up A Classic Business Book. I quoted below the classic business books along with Laurel's advice to us.

1. The Human Side of Enterprise by Douglas McGregor (1960).

Advice: During tough times, we must discover how to realize the potential represented by our own people. Learn to manage the most valuable side of your enterprise — the human side.

2. In Search of Excellence by Thomas Peters and Robert Waterman, Jr. (1985).

Advice: Get back to basics. Treat people decently, ask them to shine, and make quality products that you can sell for a profit. Even for today’s tough times, that’s a door opener to a future filled with promise.

3. Beyond Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Business Into An Enduring Great Company by James Collins and William Lazier (1992).

Advice: You can build an extraordinary organization capable of long-term health and success provided you lay a foundation for greatness now and are faithful to your values. It’s based on YOU. Trust people. Be decisive. Set priorities. Walk the halls. Give positive reinforcement. Communicate the vision of your company. Inspire people. And despite, or in spite of, our harsh economic times, continue to move forward with anything new, bold and risky.

4. On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis (1989).

Advice: Manifest the qualities above, says Bennis, and you will become an outstanding leader who enables a business to flourish.

5. The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done by Peter Drucker (1966).

Advice: If you read one book this year about how to improve your own effectiveness as a business owner or executive during tumultuous times, this is it. Executive effectiveness can be learned, and there is a difference between being busy and being effective — one of many gems covered in this masterful book.

Actually Laurel have extensively laid out key points of advices taken from the above mentioned business books. Check it out in her post I cited above.

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