January 14, 2009

Sales Taxes Soon On The Web

By Rachel Metz of The Associated Press hosted by Google,

NEW YORK (AP) — Shopping online can be a way to find bargains while steering clear of crowds — and sales taxes.

But those tax breaks are starting to erode. With the recession pummeling states' budgets, their governments increasingly want to fill the gaps by collecting taxes on Internet sales, which are growing even as the economy shudders.

And that is sparking conflict with companies that do business online only and have enjoyed being able to offer sales-tax free shopping.

Sparkling conflict indeed, Rachel! It isn't just the companies who enjoy offering a sales-tax free shopping but online shoppers like me who most of the time shops at Amazon is very beneficial on my part as well. However, I am always willing to obey the law if this happens but still wished that this order won't be pursued. If ever, companies will surely charge additional prices to compensate for this sales tax.

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