January 6, 2009

How to begin to get global

So you want to take the plunge and go global with your product or service. How do you begin?

Let me give you a competitive start: Produce the highest quality product or service at the lowest cost and sell that product in every market on the face of the earth. If you do this, you will successfully globalize your company.

The real reason for exporting is to globalize your company and prosper in the 21st century and beyond. Any product or service can be exported. You just need a track (or a plan, as my colleague Tim Berry would say) to run on and a manageable process.

Thanks to Laurel Delaney for the very helpful post over American Express blog where she pointed out the basics and the must-do in getting our business global.

About Laurel Delaney courtesy of American Express:

Global business expert Laurel Delaney is the founder of GlobeTrade.com. She also is the creator of “Borderbuster,” an e-newsletter, and The Global Small Business Blog, all highly regarded for their global small business coverage.

What is more inviting to Laurel's post is the precise and detailed tips such as the track plan on closing an export deal, preparing the export team, how to enter the market and a lot more.

Check out her post - On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Global to get the detailed explanation of each tip mentioned above.

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