December 14, 2008

Email Marketing The Good Way

Email Marketing is one of the most affordable and effective marketing these days. Despite that miles away from each other in the global small business, marketing is one business activity that we can't live without. So here's a helpful article that will give us tips on how to do email marketing and how not to be a dirty rotten spammer!

Make yourself useful

You’re already working toward this in all of your communication, right? If everything you send out benefits your readers, they’re a lot less likely to get pissed at you and click the dreaded spam button.

Every email you send needs to have something valuable for readers. Otherwise, why are you sending it? Just to pitch your stuff and benefit yourself? That’s not going to work, now is it? (On the other hand, you don’t have to be afraid to sell. Unless you’re running a list that has a purely philanthropic intent, if you want readers to buy, go ahead and ask them to. Just don’t be an ass about it.)

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