October 13, 2008

McDonald’s: Local Footprint, Global Reach

This is one very interesting post I found at American Express Forum which a lot of business experts share ideas with really interesting posts in the forum. Here's one proof that will really inspire us more of pursuing our global business dreams.

Laurel Delaney wrote McDonald’s: Local Footprint, Global Reach which talked about distinct characteristic of McDonalds worldwide.

Norway: The “Laksewrap Wasabi,” a salmon wrap with dill sauce.

Netherlands: The “Groenteburger,” a vegetable burger.

Germany: Frankfurters, tortellini and beer!

Thailand: The “Samurai Pork Burger,” marinated with teriyaki sauce; a palm-fruit sundae; or a fish n’ salmon sauce burger.

France: Wine.

Uruguay: The “McHuevo,” a hamburger with a poached egg on top, or the “McQueso,” a toasted cheese sandwich.

Japan: The “Chicken Tatsuta” sandwich, fried chicken spiced with soy sauce and ginger, served with cabbage and mustard mayonnaise.

• The Philippines: “McSpaghetti,” featuring a sweet tomato and meat sauce with frankfurter bits.

Singapore: Vanilla ice cream swirled with Flavour Burst - rich chocolate, tangy raspberries, fruity grape or exotic mocha - and spiced for Singaporean tastes.

New Zealand: The “Kiwiburger,” a hamburger with a fried egg and slice of beet.

Chile: Dress your burgers with not ketchup but avocado paste. It becomes a “McPalta.”

Canada: Grilled cheese sandwich, and in some parts of Canada, you can order a lobster dinner with the McLobster lobster roll.

The above are just a few which Laurel mentioned in her post. Well, like she said, if money isn't a problem - how good if we could try and witness ourselves to how the Golden Arches conquer the world's taste with the very popular and successful fast food chain in the world, McDonalds.

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