August 29, 2008

Building Global Bonds One Customer At A Time

Global Business expert, Laurel Delaney speaks of a very helpful information on Building Global Bonds One Customer At A Time.

The relationship between you and your overseas customer shouldn’t end when a sale is made.

If anything, it requires more attention.

Once you’ve completed the initial export transaction, you must expect to provide a broad spectrum of “complimentary” services in order to encourage repeat business. In this article we’ll talk about the kind of follow-up “care and feeding” of customers that will keep them coming back.

The above are her statements I quoted from her article telling us how important it is to bond that relationship with your customer, globally. Below is the summarized key points she presented in the article on the How To's in Building Global Bonds One Customer At A Time.

  1. Your customers are your business
  2. Keep in touch with your customers
  3. Satisfy your customer
  4. Deliver on your promises
  5. Go beyond expectations
  6. Involve your customer
  7. Become your customer's partner
  8. Exchange information with your customer
  9. Arrange introductions for your customer
  10. Build interdependency with your customer
Indeed, very important for us to take note of all of the above mentioned tips in global entrepreneurship.

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